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Your Trusted Partner in Marriage

Welcome to Qanoon House, your reliable partner in navigating Pakistan’s intricate legal landscape of matrimony. We understand that embarking on the sacred journey of marriage is a significant milestone in one’s life, and we are here to ensure that your path is smooth, legally sound, and tailored to your unique needs.

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Our Services:

Online Marriage:

In today's digital age, finding love and tying the knot has taken a new form. We specialize in facilitating online marriages, providing a platform where two hearts can unite, regardless of geographical constraints. Our online marriage services are designed to make the process convenient and accessible.

Court Marriage:

Regarding court marriages, we are your legal experts. We handle all the intricate legal proceedings and paperwork to ensure your union is recognized by law. Our court marriage services are renowned for their efficiency and attention to detail.

Marriage Certificate:

A marriage certificate is not just a piece of paper; it's legal proof of your commitment and love. We assist you in obtaining a valid and legally recognized marriage certificate to safeguard your rights and privileges as a married couple.

Nikah Nama:

The Nikah Nama is a vital document in Islamic marriages. We provide comprehensive Nikah Nama services, ensuring your wedding meets all legal and religious requirements.

Nadra Marriage Certificate:

We understand the importance of a Nadra-issued marriage certificate. Our team ensures you receive this crucial document efficiently and without unnecessary delays.

Nikah Services:

From arranging Nikah ceremonies to handling all legal documentation, our Nikah services are designed to make your marriage journey hassle-free and memorable.

Nikah Khawan Services:

Finding the right Nikah Khawan (marriage officiant) can be challenging. We simplify this process by connecting you with experienced and reliable Nikah Khawans, who can officiate your marriage ceremonies gracefully and authentically.

Online Marriage Services:

Our online marriage services extend beyond geographical boundaries. Whether you are in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, or any other part of Pakistan, we provide online matrimonial solutions tailored to your specific needs.

why Choose Qanoon House:


With years of legal experience, we are well-versed in the complexities of marriage laws in Pakistan. You can trust us to ensure that every aspect of your marriage is legally sound.


We prioritize your convenience. Our services are designed to simplify the marriage process, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on the joy of uniting with your partner.

Legal Compliance: 

Marriage in Pakistan involves a series of legal requirements. We take care of all the documentation, ensuring your marriage fully complies with Pakistani law.

Success Stories: 

Our success stories and client testimonials speak volumes about the positive experiences of individuals and couples who found love and legal recognition through our services.

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Your journey to a legally recognized and blissful marriage starts with Qanoon House. Please contact us if you have questions, need guidance, or are ready to take the next step. Our dedicated team is here to assist you

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At Qanoon House, we believe in legalizing love and making your matrimony dreams a reality. We look forward to being a part of your beautiful journey.

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